Alloy Wheel Repair
Same Day Service
The Cost Effective Way to Increase the Value of Your Car

Blemishes on your alloy wheels can ruin the appearance of your car, and that is why the alloy repair service from Bumper-N-Wheels can help retain its value.

Replacing alloy wheels can cost hundreds of dollars, but the restoration of your scuffed alloys and scrapped wheels rims makes your whole vehicle look brand new at the fraction of the replacement costs.

  Wheel before and after

We take the hassle out of getting your wheels repaired offering the same day service at a location convenient to you. This means you don’t have to jack up your car and remove the wheels yourself, nor do you have to send the wheels off. Most important, you won’t lose the use of your car for days.

Bumpers-n-wheels works is your one-stop shop for wheel straightening, repair, replacement, refinishing and just plain good advice.
The aluminum alloy rims used on most cars today are beautiful, but somewhat fragile, and out on the mean streets the dangers are everywhere. If you've ever hit a pothole or a curb and bent or damaged an alloy rim, if your car has developed an annoying vibration, and above all if you've ever been quoted $500 or more for a new rim. Bumpers-n-wheels is here to help keep your car running smooth and looking sharp, while saving you money.
alloy wheel scuffalloy wheel scuff repaired
Before and after BMW wheel   truck_dent_after  

Bumpers-n-wheels offers full-service, while-you-wait wheel straightening, by appointment, for the convenience of our busy customers. Our technicians are fully equipped to remove and remount wheels and tires, and most straightening appointments require an hour or less. After viewing the wheels and discussing repair options with our technicians, customers can relax, read a magazine,
Bumper-N-Wheels cannot restore chrome, diamond cut and split rims to their original finish although we can put a new finish on them, and we can repair broken and bent wheels. Please contact us for a quote if your wheels fall into these categories.
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